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anton gleufs video postaaaaaaa!!! (aka music post III)

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the year 2007 was been a good one up til now.. okay the last Dir en Grey sucked mayor ass but up to now the releases are fucking great!
and one of these releases might rack numbero uno for a long time!
what album might that be?
well, the new MAXIMUM THE HORMONE offcourse!!!!
high octain funky bass driven punk pop rock goodnesssssssss!!!
and the name of this new masterpiece? 
the album counts 14 songs.. (and thats about 14 to short!!!!)
the alum is a rollercoasterride.. 
it got it al..
funky stuff, rock stuff, emotional stuff, and offcourse the funny antics we expect from this bunch of musical mad men and mad woman!!!
the album kicks of with Buiiki Kaesu!! and the tone is set for a party that wil last till you here the final notes of Koi No Mea Lover.. and every song in between if a fucking party!! high points being Black Yen Power G-Man Spy
and Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero (they are scoring extra points just for the title alone!!!)..
some might object to the fact that there are some old trax on this album (Black Yen Power G-Man Spy and What's up, People were both on the Zawa.. ..Zawa.. .. ..Z.. Zawa.. .. .. ..Zawa single. well.. so what? the songs kick ass and sound great. nuff said,ne?
iff this band ever comes over to do a tour in europe, i'm kissing my fucking knees goodbye cos i wil wreck them in the dancing/slamparty that will hopefully have no equalls.. and dance i will.. it's hard enought to just sit still and type this shite with the album playing.. all i want to do is bounce round my freaking livingroom with a huge freaking grin on my face...
sitting still and just standing around and doing FUCK all is near to impossible when this band is playing...
what can i say more? just this..
buy this album!!!
and then buy one more.
and then buy every album, single and dvd this band ever put out and be fucking merry!!!

...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
casa del maximum the hormone!
bouncy extrem bouncy!!
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
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