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SelfpRoCLaiMed · MasTER · of · MEuK

just feeel like posting..

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just wanna dump something on the good ol' interwebbywebbyweb..
just for the hell of it so to speak.. 
not much going on in my life worth reporting..
it's basicly the same old same old..
yeah, just wasting time and growing older and fatter.. and still feeding the wolfs!
so we got ourselves another long weekend. woohoo!
one i'm gonna spent well by going up north and seeing most of la familia!
one of my big bro's turned 35 last week and my other borthers soon-to-be wife also has her birthday coming up..
so partytime up north. 
that is... iff i can go...
i just noticed that one off my cats is missing... i think the little bugger jumped the fence (well more likely jumped the balcony.. i live in a flat, first floor so its something like three meters maybe a little more to the ground.. kittygrade stuff for a feline..) and has gone AWAL on my ass.. AGAIN!!
it's the godknows how many times he pulled this crap on me time again.. and iff i'm unlucky he will wake up the whole f#cking neighborhood again just like all the times before...
damn! i just told how my brother warned me not to open my balconydoors and let LOEDER out cos she will jump off and then she will derstoy the world or something.. well.. SHE never jumped down.. HE does all the freaking time!!!! 
thanx MEL!!!  ain't cats fun?!! fuck! i tell ya, after these little two hellraisers go up to kittyheaven ill never take pets again! especially pets that run away..
i think i wil keep fish or a sloth or something... animals that don't run of..
so..... i hope he is having a ball out there.
and i hope he's home again in the morning....
i hope..
what can i say?
never a dull moment..
oh.. one more thing.. 
having to take out your piercings because your having a tour in a factory were you are forbidden to wear jewelery..
well, it SUX!! 
i took my fleshtunnel (8mm) and the two pieces of plastic (6mm) out of my ears before i went to the factory.. that was round nine in the morning and the tour was over at half past twelf in the afternoon.. and low and behold it took a lot off work to get things back into my ears.. i used STERILON a lube to get things back in place.. after some fiddleling i finally had them back in.. only it felt like the holes were just stretched up big time.. not the nicest of feeling i can tell ya.. 

...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
@ home waiting for my cat..
aggravated stupid cat!
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
none.. cos if i play music i might not hear the cat...
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