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Animecon was a hoot!
simply put, GOOD times!
things kicked off rather nicely with GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX SOLID STATE SOCIETY and ended with the showing of CLOVER by CLAMP.. it seems that that one was released only yesterday on dvd in japan.. nice little bonus at the end of the con, ne?
the days went to fast.. as they always seem to do when your having fun.. didn't see half the stuff i wanted (at this piont i could beter say i didn't see jack shit of the things that i wanted to see... funny how that always happens..) but i (re)saw stuff that was just to good not to see on a big screen (like NANA).
the dealerroom was smaller then last year it seemed, but i still managed to buy some nice things (and also forgot to buy some things... damn! i saw the perfect gift for yuki-chan her birthday.. and forgot to buy it!!! i suck!!)
still i finally got SHURA NO TOKI and GENSHIKEN! and i picked up the boxset of THE GOKUSEN too (dirt cheap to boot! € 15!!!).
also i picked up ROBOT volume three (the super color comic mag started by artist RANGE MURATA) cool stuff i can tell ya!
only one thing kinda got out of hand (well more then one thing...)...
that being the use of the word "GAY" and of course the word (if it is a word to begin with... hehehe) "FOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
put those two together and ad the word HARD and what ya get?
i think we (being THE NOESS and me) annoyed the living shite out of most of our friends with our "singing" and "FOOOOO-ing"
to make matter even worst i got nominated (by NOESS) to cosplay RAZER RAMON HARD GAY.. so for the next year orso iff yer looking for me? i will probably be in the gym.. getting in shape... and shit.. or (worstcase scenario a go go!) in jail because of "indecent outbursts of hiptrusting in public"... fun..
but on the upside, it would be good for me to loose say "a couple of kilo's"...
so i think i will really make it a goal off mine to cosplay HG next year... i only hope they don't expect me to run and do a "GAYDARIAN!! FOOOOOOOOOOOO!" cos i think even iff i loose a ton of wieght my poor little knee's will not like it iff i ran...
at this point i would like to thank NOESS, ANTONIA, FRANK, MARCEL, ROBERT, DONNY, JANNUKUH, DENIS and J for a great weekend!
you guys rock and rule (J even won the rock-paper-scissors comp!!1! in a really really godawfully cool way...)
for a more complete report (in dutch. sorry ANTONIA...) check WWW.TOPOFTHEFLOPS.NL
it wil be on there (hopefully) with in the week or so!
and now one last thing...
something for a certain perv i know.
Are ya ready, ya flea-ridden scurvy dogz!!?

*gag* *choke* *mumble*

I can't fuckin' heeeaaar yooouuu!

*swallow* well.. it's kinda hard "aye aye-ing" when yer deepthroatin' me, capt'n!


Who is hung like a barnacle under the sea?
Sponge Bob Squirt Pants!
Yellow and porous and full of semen is he.
Sponge Bob Cum Pants!
If a nautical fuckfest be somethin' ya wish.
Sponge Bob No Pants!
Then drop on the deck and fuck like a spermwhalyfish.
Sponge Bob Hard Pants!

Sponge Bob Squirt Pants,
Sponge Bob Cum Pants,
Sponge Bob No Pants,
Spongy Booob Squirt Paaants!

Ah Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha, Ha, AAAAAAAR.

First mate!!!

Aye Capt'n!!!

Avast me haerty, I'm gonna scuttle my boat in your Mariana Trench!!


someday i might/will even draw some pics to go with this.. euh.. high standing musical anthem.. right!
that's it! time for me to hit the hay and  catch some ZZZ's.. the downside to a three day con.. lack of sleep!
sleep wel me haerties!! ARRRRR!!1!
...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
nearly a sleep @ my computer
jubilant hehehehe
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
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On June 23rd, 2007 06:28 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
*insert random word here*

i enjoyed this weekend alot !! and yessssss it went way too fast =(
but we still have abunai! so no worries!

OMG ! haha we were even on TV! on Nederland 3 :O
i told you i saw camera's! they broadcasted it on saturday during dinnertime
too bad you could only see screamingomgthereisacamerahereandiwanttobeontv fangirls ^^;

Now that i look back at it i kind of regret not doing certain things xD haha
(liiike, staying up till 5 am and watch movies on saturday *really wanted too see NANA but was too tired x.x )

I really liked the cosplaying and i will certainly! ... <_< probably! cosplay at abunai again, maybe razorrr.. NAHHHH xD we shall see! JAN KEN FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~! ;) -J
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On July 19th, 2007 08:53 pm (UTC), daidai_andou commented:
i just got an annoucement.. I got a new LJ, which is grand_disorder, so if you want, please add me there :) please comment here if you do and I'll add you back then immediately <3
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