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today was the day.. the day for GEUZENPOP. a nice small [1500 people] festival in Enschede [pluskut!]
and low and behold we even had nice weather for an outdoorfestival! the sun was shining with more gusto than i had seen that sucker do in a while.. resulting is tons of red and toasty [sunburned] people running around.. fun!
anyways first of i must mention i bought a "new" car this week. a Subaru MiniJUMBO. we took my car.. not the smartest thing to do.. since half way there my exaust broke i two and we had to call triple [the HIGH and MIGHTY ANWB!!!] a to help us to regain our mobility.. dragging your exhaust al the way to enschede [pluskut] is one thing.. doing it on the freeway is another all together.. but the nice man from the triple a helped us out bij tying the exhaust back in place with some wire.. my little car sounded like something out of  "the fast and the furious".. cooooool!
back to the festival..
we came to see 2 bands and basically 2 bands only...
both bands kicked ass!!
MAD SIN's psychobilly goes down a treat and tasted like more! cool stuff!
same goes for EL GUAPO STUNTTEAM. sonic walls of guitar noise and then some!!!
plan was to get the hell out of dodge after EL GUAPO but like these things alwayz go... we kinda hanged round till we got fed up with doing that and finally went home... 
now it's time to get some sleep.. cos tomorrow i wanna see my baby!!
tomorrow i'm once again Zwolle-bound!!!

can't wait to get there.. cos it might be just last week that i saw her to me it FEELS LIKE A MILLION DAYS!!! 

...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
60 KM east of were i wanna be
satisfied satisfied
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
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