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T AO kicked ASS! 
my intrest in taiko music been around for some time and after seeing YAMATO [twice] the idea of seeing TAO sounded to good to mis.
and luckely for me i infected my mother [well not really infected.. she's rather keen on percussion to begin with.. so getting her to go to YAMATO was easy]...
anywhoo! my mother gave me a ticket to see TAO for my birthday and last saturday was the day!
so me, my mother, a good friend of my mother and one of her nieghboors went to see big drums and small japanees man and woman beating the crap out of them!
unlike YAMATO, who put a lot of humor in their shows, TAO is pure single minded determination! well the second part of the show they started laughing and having a bit more fun.. the first part was a display of pure mental and physical balance. pure focus on their tast at hand. 
it's a combination of mental disipline, strength, music and art....
go see them if they play somewhere near your place of residence!!!
...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
@ home [missing my BABY!!]
satisfied satisfied
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
Super Egg Machine - Vitamin Eggs - KODOU
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