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wel, for me it all boils down to this..
yeah... MUCC was beter, much beter! 
for the fans it musta been grand.. for me personally it just didn't fly..
i'm just not that big on the band, and as i found out.. the couldn't win me over.. 
try as they may..
oh and one thing... why didn't thy do solo's? after the long wait for a encore [some girl said the public should earn the encore by applauding en screamming "encoree!" at the top of their lungs for half an hour or so.... nope.. no dice! to start off tickets were nearly 40 euro's.. in my book the band should play their BALLS OFF just to make good on the shitty overpriced tickets! and selling out the place and having your fans screaming their asses off during the gig is not enought to ensure an encore, then what the fuck is?]
we get the basplayer and the drummer on stage.. and this is their time to shine right? so what beter way to do that is by doing a fucking solo right? a nice bass sollo and a nice drum solo... not a rather long winded rock/punk/pop thing...
god knows why i even bring it up.. maybe i'm just spoiled rotten over the years by seeing hundreds of bands playing their asses off for 20 to 30 people and doing encores til thy got blue in the face and nearly died on stage of exaustion because thy gave their all... and the bassplayer did a solo and the drummer too!!! 
i must be getting old and bitter... but i know a good gig when i see one... sorry to say that wasn't on sunday at the GAZE gig...  well not for me anyways..
that said it was good to see some people enjoying the hell out of it.. and i'm happy they got what they wanted...
win some lose some...  some won. and me? i was robbed!
oh and Koln is just to far away just to go to a gig... must be something realy realy fucking great to get me to drive there again...

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