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the SUKEBE BROTHERHOOD (NOESS, ANTONIA, KIRSTEN and some fat bloke!) ZOMBI (Navi Z) and J on tour in germania!!


finally i got to see one of my favorite bands (MUCC) and they didn't disappoint for a second, not even a milisecond!!
BALZAC ruled too. good solid show!
(the bands) WERE HAVING A GREAT TIME TOO!!! really cool to see that a band (in this case two off em) are having a blast playing their stuff...
their was only one little fuck up that night and that was me twisting my knee (again) in the pit (a real honest-to-god pit!!)! 
the little fokker is not so little anymore and is a bit swollen (but i've seen worst... way worst..)
so the rest of my week of i will be spending with my knee in a elevated position. hoping the swelling and the pain subsides before sunday.. cos i'm taking my mother to see YAMATO on sunday (my partner in MUCC Noess wil also be tacking along. as wil my mother's next door neighbor)
but that's still a couple'o'dayz away.. hope my knee is okay than..
back to the gig...
first thing:
the audience.. YES! COOL FOLK! no fucking screaming-my-lungs-out-don't-know-the-songs-don't-know-the-band-but-i-luv-em-cos-they-are-from-japan-don't-know-how-the-act-at-a-gig-and-why-are-you-standing-in-my-air-fucking-fangrrrlz-and-boyzz (wel there were a few.. but just a few)!!!!
and secondly:
and there was a PIT!!! people were dancing and enjoying them selfes in the way they wanted without being hassled by FUCKERS who don't understand what or why your doing what your doing. and FUCK HELL! YES!! it's been so long that i can hardly remember it.. FEMALES!! IT THE PIT!!!! all hail any woman who jumps into the pit and with a smile on her face tries to plow me under!!!! and there were several who were trying just that... al 1.60 high weighing in round 60 kilo trying to kick my 1.95 high 120 kilo or so weighing ass (or good friend ZOMBIE's ass! and he's even bigger than me.. and was wearing a BALOON PENIS on his head!! hahahaha, the baloonguy was standing in front of a kaufhalle and had just finished a giraffe or something when some MADMAN from holland asked him for a baloon PENIS! he did it no probs!! so all the people who think germans have no sense of humor are ignorant asses!!!)all over the fucking dancefloor.. w0000t!! till i fell and twisted my knee (NEW ROCK bootz are not what ya call ideal for dancing or moshing.. hehehe)
then the place:
is a great concert hal! period! really no matter where you stood you could see the stage (kinda like TIVOLI in utrecht)! the sound was excellent. and the staff was cool too. i would at this point like to thank the first aid guy (DER SANI!!!!) for not only putting a pressure bandage on my knee (i've been getting a lot of those lately. hahaha) but also for doing it back stage.. next to the shower!! (i believe it was) the drummer from BALZAC (Takayuki) when he got out of the shower to stumble into my limping form, must have been thinking "WTF, can't even take a fucking shower in peace!!". hahahaha.
the town:
KÖLN is a beautiful city!! but a ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to drive around in!!! we drove down there no problems (apart from lack of gasstations.. my co-pilot and navigator ZOMBI needed beer.. yeah! who needs a tomtom iff you got a NAVI Z and a NOESS in the back? we get's where we's going no probz!) but after we hit the citylimits it all turned pearshaped! we needed to go to the trainstation to pick up the ever cheerfull fourth (or second or thirth or first?) member of the SUKEBE BROTHERHOOD (heeee! there's that group again!) ANTONIA! but ya think we could find it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! we kept going in friggin' circels!! pass the zoo over the bridge, make a turn loose all sence of direction make a nothet (stupid) turn over a nother bridge back to the zoo.... ARG!!! so finally we just parked near teh DOM and ANTONIA would meet us in front of the DOM..... at that point we were so far gone we didn't even know witch side of the DOM was the front!!! kewl! after ANTONIA found us (wondering around like lost babes in the woods.. well, not really.. but it sound nice and dramatic don't it?)  after that we walked around the centre of KÖLN for a bit, visited a sexshop (offcourse...) ate at macdonalds (i'm NOT loving it!) and walked to GLORIA for the gig..
the walk back to the car was murder for me coss of my knee... and after driving for a couple of hours my leg and knee were completely stiff and hurting like a motherfokker.. so when i hit the hay round 4.30 i had a fokking hell of a time trying to find a position were my leg did not feel like it was slowly being torn from my body.. as you can imagine i didn't sleep much.. the fact that round 10 o'clock somebode rang my doorbel didn't help me niether (i just got my leg into a comfi position) and gues who? idd the mailman!! with a package.. but not for me!!! JOY!!
but apart for the knee.. a fucking great evening in KÖLN!! hope MUCC comes back to europe SOON (not like they left already or something) and THEN also visits HOLLAND too (holland home of the fucked up fangrrrlz!!! i'm sorry to say)..
oh yeah. the merch.
a MUCC tourpamphlet/picturebook DVLSYRS SIXNINEDAYS (really fokking cool pic book!!!)
MUCC single SAISHUU RESSHA (bit strange this one.. it's the japanese edition it seems (made in japan) but with translations in german in the booklet.. strrrange ne?)
two shirts (tour shirt MUCC/BALZAC and a BALZAC shirt both XL.. hope they fit!!)
BALZAC gloves + a sweatband + a armband (i'm a sucker for those kinds of things..)
BALZAC's last cd (PARANOID DREAM OF THE ZODIAC) they sure have something with the ZODIAC killer... best song bout thIS, still a large, american serialkiller is and i think wil always remain MACABRE's ZODIAC from the album SINISTER SLAUGHTER.


...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
@ home.. with my leg up.
hyper hyper and hurting
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
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On March 30th, 2007 03:30 pm (UTC), chord_of_souls commented:
i would like to think i got "PNWED" by one of those cute little PIT girlzz...

as for the fact that i'm NERFED.. true... it happened at a PUNKconcert 17 years ago... i will now finally admit i'm no longer the INVINCIBLE-BAD-ASS-PIT-MONSTROSITY i was in my younger years.. years off abuse have grinded my knees down to bloody stumps (on which i will follow the woman of my dreams thru the snow*!!!)!

(* quoting Henry Rollins.. always a good way to go)
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