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SelfpRoCLaiMed · MasTER · of · MEuK

easterbunnies, long weekends, big japanese drums and the twisting of a knee on the rebound

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hahaha, its the easterweekend so that means the weekend lasts one day longer and with the promise of nice weather and (WOOHOO!!) tempertures round the 20º C all looks good to go for this weekend!
well it looked that way anywayz... coz i twisted my knee again... gawd knows how i did it, it just "popped".. well not really "popped" i felt more like two bones interlocked , scraped against each other and then al of a sudden seperated... hurt like a motherfokker...
must have been real strange for my colleagues to see.. firts me doing what looks like some strange dancestep (the interlocking/separation part) then my limping toward the nearest table/chair/object to lean against and starting to laught (my rather strange reaction to (extreme) pain (i got a rather high pain treshold) is that i nearly split my sides lauthing.. ) and curse whilst rubbing my sore knee.. 
so it's back to square one with to knee.. *sigh* and always just when things started to inproved really well. the swelling went down and so did the soreness... well now it's back and they brought there friends along for the ride..  hope i wil recover soon.
even so i was gonna use the weekend to relax anywayz, so the more rest i give my knee the beter. so what to do when one is somewhat less nimble on the old legs? 
yup, just drag your ass to a café, get a drink sit outside (weather premitting) and watch the world go by... 
then drag your ass back home and watch some really really bizarre and strange movies for japan and after that watch a couple of live dvd's... like "Many MERRY Days" by MERRY (GARA is my number two favo singer from the little'o'island of tha rissing sun.. TATSUROU takes the numbero uno position.) or the last indies tour dvd SHAMBARA TO THE CORE act 1 (also by) MERRY or the YAMATO The Drummers Of Japan dvd (aha! a link to the big drums mention in the title of this here scribble) or watch some animé (i'm HUGELY behind on the things i still need watching...) i just started watching SAIYUKI. a tip given to me by

but, hotdamn! 50 episodes!!! there goes me spare time..
anywayz whatever happens this weekend happens this weekend... 
back to the Big Drums!
so last sunday (the first of april. NO! it's no joke! hahahaha) i saw YAMATO for the second time together with my Mother, her nextdoorneighbor (the MIGHTY Geert!!!) and teh NOESS 
go check her take on things in her journal -----> _silentpain_
i (tried too) pick(ed) up NOESS at her place round the clock'o'half-past-three.... as luck would have it NOESS was nearly ready to rumble so the wait to finally get going was....  well, let's just say that i tolded her that next time we would just leave and not wait to do "stuff"..
so after we got going (i had to fill the subaru up on some gas) we moved like a rampaging juggernaut across the streets and roads of the north of holland.. leaving slowpokes and other things not going as fast as the big red machine of dooooom in the dust!!!
we even did some sightseeing stuff (we drove throught EXLOO) after witch we drove rallystyle out of drente in to groningen and slammed into the little city of STADSKANAAL where my mother (and also my brother and his wife and kids) life.
we spent what was left of the afternoon talking to my mother. after that it was dinnertime.  my mother made a spinach over dish!!!! 
great stuff!!! and tasty toooooo!!! after that we left for GRONINGEN (city) and the OOSTERPOORT.
after we finally got there it was showtime!!!
simply put, it was once again simply AMAZING to see!!!
just wonderful! as it was the second time i tried to look for things in missed the first time round... well, let my tell ya! the first time round we sat first row and that was amazing cos we were close enought to touch the guyz and girlz playing... so every time they came towards the egde of the stage to play, dance, bow or whatever they were really in youre face so close. and kinda put you right in the middle of the action and as it turns out kinda narrows your field of vision (like sitting in the cinema on the first row.. you have to look around to see whats happening..) so this time we sat on the balcony to the right of the stage.... looking down on the stage every thing looks different. and you see things happen that you missed cos now you see the whole of the stage... it's not as up close and personal as front row but you see tons more. that said, the way the chairs were placed i would never ever sit front row a second time over.. WHY? not enought space!! chairs were just to tightly packed together... and with my kne being all swollen and hurting i would have never ever made it.. so off the the balcony for a wide look on things!!
now my knee came as sort of a mixed blessing.
cos the OOSTERPOORT has NO stagecurtains (bit strange that..), everybody was asked to leave the hall during the break so that the stagecrew could do there thing and rebuild the stage and the band could move all the instruments without everybody watching them do it.
so everybody got kicked out (well asked to leave anyways) i just stayed put. so when they checked the hall for straglers they found me... hehehe!
it was one of the japanese crewmembers (the guy that did the light and also was filming) that found me (sitting in the dark.. not a really save hiddingplace iff the lightguy is looking around for people. ha ha ha) and he first asked me iff i was crew or audience.. i told him audience, so he asked me to leave. i told him bout me knee and that iff it was posible i could just stay where i was..
he then told me it could stay.. he also told me to hide a bit so that the rest of the stagecrew didn't see me and then put his hands together (like you do when you pray) and he bowed!!! 0__o that was a first! never had a crewmember bow to me.. ever...
so i thanked him and bowed back.
offcourse i got spotted by one of the other (this time dutch) stagehands who asked me to leave, so i strated to explain why i was still sitting were i was when the japanese dude shouted :" HE'S ALLRIGHT!" that being good enought for her (yeah, she was a she all right!) she told me to enjoy the breaktimeshow! cos it was not really something you get to see. having been a roady myself it's always cool to see these guys work. maybe that's why i like MÖTÖRHEAD's WE ARE THE ROADCREW song so much.. cos have the bands you see woudn't be able to play without these guys!
even more fun was seeing the guys and girlz in the band doing there thing. moving the drums and putting things right. all the while the bandleader was shouting instructions and the rest just kept shouting back "hai!".. it was fun to see. less fun was that people kept coming back into the hall and were send back out again. some people even refused  to leave or close the doors behind them. so one or two stagehands coudn't do their work cos they needed to keep telling people to leave the hall.. at some point i even found it quiet irritating when people came in.. it was just distracting people from the flow of work...
when things where finally all set up they let teh people back in and we could the second part of the show..
great stuff! it was over before you knew it.. so once again we clapped till our hands were sore..
they came back for the encore.... sugoi!!!
and we clapped even more!  and more and more and... fokking amazing stuff!!
so NOESS and me (like a shot) went of the the merchstand again (the guy behind it already started to recognize us cos he was the same guy that sold us stuff in Enschede.. it also helped that we bought some taiko-sticks before the show). we talked to the merchguy and then we went to get teh car(s), my mother having enjoyed it to the maxxx left for home with the Geert. while NOESS and me thundered home throught drenthe and overijssel to get home.... a day wel spent!!!
but what to do this weekend?
...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
my landfill house!! i need to clean up..
hyper ready for a long weekend!!!
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
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On April 11th, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC), yagaofgreywood commented:
Looks like fun!
But that knee part don't.
*hugs tight*
hope you will get better soon!
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On April 11th, 2007 05:29 pm (UTC), chord_of_souls replied:
Thanx Yaga.
*hugs back*
well.. the knee is just one of those things i got to learn to live with.. unless i, maybe, get it operated on (and both my knee's are in bad shape hehehe) it wil only get worst as i grow older i think.. but i'm still walking and that's what counts..

and it was fun!

* * *

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