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man oh man.. bin a while since i posted.. . . not much…

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man oh man.. bin a while since i posted..
not much up..
well, enuff's up.. but it's just life so not really that intresting..
oh yeah, i'm adding to my MUCC collection, i ordered the
World Tour Final Nihon Budokan 666 dvd('s! it's a dubble disk!!!) and also MERRY's Many Merry Days #1 - Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo - 2006.7.30 [Limited Edition] dvd('s! hahahaha, also a dubble disk!!) as things go after this i only have to get two more dvd's from MUCC and iff i'm not mistaken two more from MERRY and then i have em all!! well the dvd's that is.. after that theres still tons of cd's to buy!! i will end up poor thanks to music!! hihi
next topic!!
We once again survived KONINGINNENDAG (that's QUEENSDAY for all tha people who don't habla...)!!!
the national dutch holiday of drinking to much!!! hahaha, every country should have a holiday dedicated to generally drinking, drinking and then drinking some more! and let's face it, iff ya gonna drink it's best to do that in the company of friends... and so we did.. hehehe, drinking beer and talking smack and just watching the world go by... and hearing badly played music.. well, can't have it all, right! next year i want a band that rocks!!!
now, the drinking started at half past twelf in the afternoon and lasted for me till nine in the evening.. no probz, i was a bit "tipsy" but that cleared up when i wend home (pushbike a go go!) and at home it all went wrong!
cos i didn't have anything the eat since round twelf that morning i came up with the brilliant idea of having something to eat.... 
the dumbest thing i did all day!!!
after i nearly finished half a plate of TERIYAKI (a tv-dinner.. i'm sorry to report.. after spending half the day drinking beer i didn't feel like cooking, and yes i can cook and i can whip up a hell'offa'pan of TERIYAKI!!! i must say the tv-dinner tasted like cardboard..YUCK!) i feld my stomach turn... and before i knew what hit me, i was forcing the food to stay down. i also got a hell of a headache... so i hit the hay pretty early.. that and the fact that the next day was just another working day, meaning i had to get up round six to return to the saltmines hehehe.
anywayz this wil be a nice short workweek, only three more days to go! and even better i'm off next week and iff the weather keeps being as lovely as it is i wil spent that week with hanging round the house and sitting in the sun. 
more fun is that the week after that is also a realy short one when it comes to work.. only three days..  life is good!
on a more down note, my feline horde (my cats!) has lost one of it's number..
after more than a year of trying to remedy the situation (the situation being that one of my cats slowly but steadely destroyed everything i own by pissing on everything in sight) i nearly killed the little furball when, in one sitting, he destoyed two keyboards... 
well, we took him to the pound.. hope he get's a loving new owner without any other cats.. the problem was territorial.. so no other cats a round would be great.. but as it is.. i miss the little furbag... cheers MOG! happy trails!!!

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