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SelfpRoCLaiMed · MasTER · of · MEuK

how could i forget!?!!1!

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i totally forgotten to mention the little fact that i went to a "MEDIEVIL (i know it's medieval not mediEVIL hahaha) GOTHIC LIFESTYLE THINGY" in Arnhem last saturday..
i went there with SASS (the one and only female and BASS abusing member of the (super) band SNOL) and HARRY (her big brotha and member of more bands then i can remember)...
SASS called me before the weekend and asked what i was up too and iff i wanted to go.. me, being the master of making double appointments, first checked iff i could go and didn't have something planned already by sending out some e-mails.. after getting no replies cross the board, it was on!!!
so after picking her up at her mother's place and after drinking coffee and catching up on current affairs we boarded my little ol' red subaru (the BAK!) and hauled ass toward Arnhem, picked up HARRY at his place and took the scenic route to the "THINGY"... (we saw half the bleeding city!!! hahahahaha!!!!)
so after getting there we got mentally prepared... 
by eating some really rancid meaty bread things!!! 
the only way to get prepared for these sort of things, hahahaha!! iff you can stomach really bad junkfood on a empty stomach you can also face the untold horrors one might face at one of these lifestyle gatherings...
after that it was watching stalls and stalls of medievil and gothic stuff being sold for tons of money... being males HARRY and ME where also scooping out the local wildlife ...euh...  the female population of the "THINGY" for creatures of extreme grace and beauty!  well, to keep it short... they were not in da house!!! bit of a let down... but let's face facts! it was in the DAY time (all the goth's are childern of the night. so exposure to full sunlight will make then burst out in flames right? or worst.. they might get a tan!!!! the HORROR! the HORROR!!!) and it was super nice weather!!! so every good looking girl would be sitting in the sun somewere on a terras in town.. so on the female scale of things it was the pits...
there was also music at this "THINGY" the first band was a standard run of the mill gothic metal band... with all the trimmings (female vocalstuff, male grunty vocalstuff, keyboardplayer-rocking-out-stuff (simply put a keyboard is not really a cool instrument... so playing one in a band is not really cool either, so in a attempt to look cool keyboardplayers tend to do the "rock out thing" were he or she is trying to look as cool as (s)he can by doing weird facial expressions, extreme over the top headbanging (witch always ends up looking like they wanna break the keyboard in half with their head!) and groovy dancesteps) )
after that can the second band and main act.. a dutch folkband named RAPALJE (rapalje is rather old dutch for socially less desirable persons or simply scum) they were fun to see (and hear)..
as they put it: RAISE UP YOUR KILTS!!! indeed! and they.. well one, the rest ran for the hills, did indeed raise up his kilt... much to the amusment of all the-not-so-good-looking-ladies-in-da-house...
with that we also left the "THINGY". i bought myself a BOWLER hat before we left. it has cheap (only €15) cos it was old and not in the best condition.. but with some luck, a lot of D.I.Y. and will and determination we will bring new life to that puppy..
after another sightseeing tour d'force thru Arnhem to drop of HARRY and buy some food, SASS and me went to her house were we cooked dinner, had dinner together with ERWIN, talked to bout stuff then ERWIN had to go to work, so we talked some more and listened to some SNOL songs and also to some live stuff.. fun to hear stuff from a gig i was at..
after that i went home... well.. not really, cos before i left town i got a call asking iff a was going out...  so i drove to Almelo and straight to the bar.. i walked in round 23.15 or something.. and drank a soda (i don't drink and drive!) and talked to ZOMBI and NOESS before nearly doozing off.. i left the bar round 01.15 and drove home to sleep.. sweet sleep!!

on sunday i did nothing much... just hang round and mentally preparing myself voor teh great day to come next.. indeed KONINGINNEDAG (QUEENSDAY A GO GO!!)..

...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
quixotic quixotic
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
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