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iff there is one thing nice about music is that there is a tune to suit every mood...
and even beter there are bands that suit every mood...
also nice is the there is so freaking much music out there that the discovery of music never stops..
and even more fun.. the re-discorvery of music..
lots of rediscovery in my case..
been ages since i took the time to listen to some of the stuff that's blasting from my stereo..
Dogfaced Hermans, NoMeansNo, Lard, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Moon, L7, BRUJERIA and the list goes on and on..
bit strange.. i'm listening to DEATHGAZE now (great music! the more i listen to it the beter it get's..) but for some strange reason i got the urge to put on some Cop Shoot Cop... but i already listened to two records from them.. so i'm not giving in to that urge... but what to pit on after "the music stops" so to speak?? 
oh.. fokk... just looked over to a stack of cd's... and the first one to catch my eye is... TODAY IS THE DAY!
iff your don't know the band.. well, simply put it's one of those love em or hate em bands.. and most hate em.. iff i'm not misstaken T.I.T.D. is also the only band i know that uses assault rifles as musical instuments.. so it's not really a love and peace kind of band..
hmmm, but i not really in a T.I.T.D. mood (plus i already listened to NEUROSIS today so i already got my dose of HEAVY SHIT)..
so what to listen to???
maybe some female vocal fury?
Babes In Toyland anyone?
Hanzel Und Gretyl??
Hagalaz Rune Dance..... choises choises..
just 4 more songs to figure it out..
oh yeah! something completely different..
my ticket is (after much waiting till it finally delivered.. and in the meantime still getting e-mail's that i hadn't paid for it.. how can i pay iff i don't know what bankaccount to book the money to???) paid!!!
so simply put this SHIT IS ON!!!
only acouple more weeks till the BINGE starts!

...WheRe mY head LIES is HomE...:
like, first tell me where you are!
bouncy BINGE ready!
...NoiSE anD OTher DISTurBANces...:
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