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anton gleufs video postaaaaaaa!!! (aka music post III)

the year 2007 was been a good one up til now.. okay the last Dir en Grey sucked mayor ass but up to now the releases are fucking great!
and one of these releases might rack numbero uno for a long time!
what album might that be?
well, the new MAXIMUM THE HORMONE offcourse!!!!
high octain funky bass driven punk pop rock goodnesssssssss!!!
and the name of this new masterpiece? 
the album counts 14 songs.. (and thats about 14 to short!!!!)
the alum is a rollercoasterride.. 
it got it al..
funky stuff, rock stuff, emotional stuff, and offcourse the funny antics we expect from this bunch of musical mad men and mad woman!!!
the album kicks of with Buiiki Kaesu!! and the tone is set for a party that wil last till you here the final notes of Koi No Mea Lover.. and every song in between if a fucking party!! high points being Black Yen Power G-Man Spy
and Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero (they are scoring extra points just for the title alone!!!)..
some might object to the fact that there are some old trax on this album (Black Yen Power G-Man Spy and What's up, People were both on the Zawa.. ..Zawa.. .. ..Z.. Zawa.. .. .. ..Zawa single. well.. so what? the songs kick ass and sound great. nuff said,ne?
iff this band ever comes over to do a tour in europe, i'm kissing my fucking knees goodbye cos i wil wreck them in the dancing/slamparty that will hopefully have no equalls.. and dance i will.. it's hard enought to just sit still and type this shite with the album playing.. all i want to do is bounce round my freaking livingroom with a huge freaking grin on my face...
sitting still and just standing around and doing FUCK all is near to impossible when this band is playing...
what can i say more? just this..
buy this album!!!
and then buy one more.
and then buy every album, single and dvd this band ever put out and be fucking merry!!!

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Music Post II

two post's in one day??? talk aboot overkill!
let's just say this:
MERRY and MUCC dvd's in da HOUSE!!!!
delivery took just under a week!!! [le w00t!]
you just gotta luv speedy delivery!!1!
oh yeah! and before i forget, thanx Noess for bringing them over and your a trooper for wanting to watch the MERRY dvd with me (knowing your not really that into them and all..) yeah! thnx bro!
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iff there is one thing nice about music is that there is a tune to suit every mood...
and even beter there are bands that suit every mood...
also nice is the there is so freaking much music out there that the discovery of music never stops..
and even more fun.. the re-discorvery of music..
lots of rediscovery in my case..
been ages since i took the time to listen to some of the stuff that's blasting from my stereo..
Dogfaced Hermans, NoMeansNo, Lard, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Moon, L7, BRUJERIA and the list goes on and on..
bit strange.. i'm listening to DEATHGAZE now (great music! the more i listen to it the beter it get's..) but for some strange reason i got the urge to put on some Cop Shoot Cop... but i already listened to two records from them.. so i'm not giving in to that urge... but what to pit on after "the music stops" so to speak?? 
oh.. fokk... just looked over to a stack of cd's... and the first one to catch my eye is... TODAY IS THE DAY!
iff your don't know the band.. well, simply put it's one of those love em or hate em bands.. and most hate em.. iff i'm not misstaken T.I.T.D. is also the only band i know that uses assault rifles as musical instuments.. so it's not really a love and peace kind of band..
hmmm, but i not really in a T.I.T.D. mood (plus i already listened to NEUROSIS today so i already got my dose of HEAVY SHIT)..
so what to listen to???
maybe some female vocal fury?
Babes In Toyland anyone?
Hanzel Und Gretyl??
Hagalaz Rune Dance..... choises choises..
just 4 more songs to figure it out..
oh yeah! something completely different..
my ticket is (after much waiting till it finally delivered.. and in the meantime still getting e-mail's that i hadn't paid for it.. how can i pay iff i don't know what bankaccount to book the money to???) paid!!!
so simply put this SHIT IS ON!!!
only acouple more weeks till the BINGE starts!

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and off course...

the first day of my week off and 
i must have pissed off some weathergods or something...
no matter.. i will enjoy myselfs indoors then...
and just when i thought good ol' holland would turn into some nice sub-tropical paradise.. all warm and nice and sunny.. somebody opened up the floodgates again!!! dutch weather.. great fun (iff your a fish!!!!)
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i now have a WEEK off!! 
and iff i believe the weatherforcast it is going to be rain, rain and more rain.. after weeks of top notch weather is going down the tubes the moment i get a holiday.. go figure!!
anywayz... a week off is a week off is a week off is a GREAT THING!!!! 
so who cares iff the weather is shite? i sure don't!! i'll be sleeping half the time anyway, so let it rain let it rain let it rain!! 
but tonite we first remember the dead (who died in World War II and other armed conflicts, peacemissions etc in name of our country to insure that we might be free... yup WAR SUCKS!!) and after that WE FEAST!!!
and tomorrow we feast some more cos it's BEVRIJDINGSDAG (=LIBERATIONDAY) don't know what i'm gonna do.. maybe go to ZWOLLE..
all in all a good start for a week off, ne?
btw i'm listening to the Shimotsuma Monogatari OST (idd the Kamikaze Girls OST. i'm now listening to "Hola Hola" by Dany Vasnier (it's a french song!!! hahhahaha, scary hite or should i say merde macabre or macabre merde?) and i'm mentioning it here cos in MUSIC there's not enough room.. long titles hahahahaha!! great music mind you! great music for a great movie!!!

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how could i forget!?!!1!

i totally forgotten to mention the little fact that i went to a "MEDIEVIL (i know it's medieval not mediEVIL hahaha) GOTHIC LIFESTYLE THINGY" in Arnhem last saturday..
i went there with SASS (the one and only female and BASS abusing member of the (super) band SNOL) and HARRY (her big brotha and member of more bands then i can remember)...
SASS called me before the weekend and asked what i was up too and iff i wanted to go.. me, being the master of making double appointments, first checked iff i could go and didn't have something planned already by sending out some e-mails.. after getting no replies cross the board, it was on!!!
so after picking her up at her mother's place and after drinking coffee and catching up on current affairs we boarded my little ol' red subaru (the BAK!) and hauled ass toward Arnhem, picked up HARRY at his place and took the scenic route to the "THINGY"... (we saw half the bleeding city!!! hahahahaha!!!!)
so after getting there we got mentally prepared... 
by eating some really rancid meaty bread things!!! 
the only way to get prepared for these sort of things, hahahaha!! iff you can stomach really bad junkfood on a empty stomach you can also face the untold horrors one might face at one of these lifestyle gatherings...
after that it was watching stalls and stalls of medievil and gothic stuff being sold for tons of money... being males HARRY and ME where also scooping out the local wildlife ...euh...  the female population of the "THINGY" for creatures of extreme grace and beauty!  well, to keep it short... they were not in da house!!! bit of a let down... but let's face facts! it was in the DAY time (all the goth's are childern of the night. so exposure to full sunlight will make then burst out in flames right? or worst.. they might get a tan!!!! the HORROR! the HORROR!!!) and it was super nice weather!!! so every good looking girl would be sitting in the sun somewere on a terras in town.. so on the female scale of things it was the pits...
there was also music at this "THINGY" the first band was a standard run of the mill gothic metal band... with all the trimmings (female vocalstuff, male grunty vocalstuff, keyboardplayer-rocking-out-stuff (simply put a keyboard is not really a cool instrument... so playing one in a band is not really cool either, so in a attempt to look cool keyboardplayers tend to do the "rock out thing" were he or she is trying to look as cool as (s)he can by doing weird facial expressions, extreme over the top headbanging (witch always ends up looking like they wanna break the keyboard in half with their head!) and groovy dancesteps) )
after that can the second band and main act.. a dutch folkband named RAPALJE (rapalje is rather old dutch for socially less desirable persons or simply scum) they were fun to see (and hear)..
as they put it: RAISE UP YOUR KILTS!!! indeed! and they.. well one, the rest ran for the hills, did indeed raise up his kilt... much to the amusment of all the-not-so-good-looking-ladies-in-da-house...
with that we also left the "THINGY". i bought myself a BOWLER hat before we left. it has cheap (only €15) cos it was old and not in the best condition.. but with some luck, a lot of D.I.Y. and will and determination we will bring new life to that puppy..
after another sightseeing tour d'force thru Arnhem to drop of HARRY and buy some food, SASS and me went to her house were we cooked dinner, had dinner together with ERWIN, talked to bout stuff then ERWIN had to go to work, so we talked some more and listened to some SNOL songs and also to some live stuff.. fun to hear stuff from a gig i was at..
after that i went home... well.. not really, cos before i left town i got a call asking iff a was going out...  so i drove to Almelo and straight to the bar.. i walked in round 23.15 or something.. and drank a soda (i don't drink and drive!) and talked to ZOMBI and NOESS before nearly doozing off.. i left the bar round 01.15 and drove home to sleep.. sweet sleep!!

on sunday i did nothing much... just hang round and mentally preparing myself voor teh great day to come next.. indeed KONINGINNEDAG (QUEENSDAY A GO GO!!)..

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man oh man.. bin a while since i posted..
not much up..
well, enuff's up.. but it's just life so not really that intresting..
oh yeah, i'm adding to my MUCC collection, i ordered the
World Tour Final Nihon Budokan 666 dvd('s! it's a dubble disk!!!) and also MERRY's Many Merry Days #1 - Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo - 2006.7.30 [Limited Edition] dvd('s! hahahaha, also a dubble disk!!) as things go after this i only have to get two more dvd's from MUCC and iff i'm not mistaken two more from MERRY and then i have em all!! well the dvd's that is.. after that theres still tons of cd's to buy!! i will end up poor thanks to music!! hihi
next topic!!
We once again survived KONINGINNENDAG (that's QUEENSDAY for all tha people who don't habla...)!!!
the national dutch holiday of drinking to much!!! hahaha, every country should have a holiday dedicated to generally drinking, drinking and then drinking some more! and let's face it, iff ya gonna drink it's best to do that in the company of friends... and so we did.. hehehe, drinking beer and talking smack and just watching the world go by... and hearing badly played music.. well, can't have it all, right! next year i want a band that rocks!!!
now, the drinking started at half past twelf in the afternoon and lasted for me till nine in the evening.. no probz, i was a bit "tipsy" but that cleared up when i wend home (pushbike a go go!) and at home it all went wrong!
cos i didn't have anything the eat since round twelf that morning i came up with the brilliant idea of having something to eat.... 
the dumbest thing i did all day!!!
after i nearly finished half a plate of TERIYAKI (a tv-dinner.. i'm sorry to report.. after spending half the day drinking beer i didn't feel like cooking, and yes i can cook and i can whip up a hell'offa'pan of TERIYAKI!!! i must say the tv-dinner tasted like cardboard..YUCK!) i feld my stomach turn... and before i knew what hit me, i was forcing the food to stay down. i also got a hell of a headache... so i hit the hay pretty early.. that and the fact that the next day was just another working day, meaning i had to get up round six to return to the saltmines hehehe.
anywayz this wil be a nice short workweek, only three more days to go! and even better i'm off next week and iff the weather keeps being as lovely as it is i wil spent that week with hanging round the house and sitting in the sun. 
more fun is that the week after that is also a realy short one when it comes to work.. only three days..  life is good!
on a more down note, my feline horde (my cats!) has lost one of it's number..
after more than a year of trying to remedy the situation (the situation being that one of my cats slowly but steadely destroyed everything i own by pissing on everything in sight) i nearly killed the little furball when, in one sitting, he destoyed two keyboards... 
well, we took him to the pound.. hope he get's a loving new owner without any other cats.. the problem was territorial.. so no other cats a round would be great.. but as it is.. i miss the little furbag... cheers MOG! happy trails!!!

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easterbunnies, long weekends, big japanese drums and the twisting of a knee on the rebound

hahaha, its the easterweekend so that means the weekend lasts one day longer and with the promise of nice weather and (WOOHOO!!) tempertures round the 20º C all looks good to go for this weekend!
well it looked that way anywayz... coz i twisted my knee again... gawd knows how i did it, it just "popped".. well not really "popped" i felt more like two bones interlocked , scraped against each other and then al of a sudden seperated... hurt like a motherfokker...
must have been real strange for my colleagues to see.. firts me doing what looks like some strange dancestep (the interlocking/separation part) then my limping toward the nearest table/chair/object to lean against and starting to laught (my rather strange reaction to (extreme) pain (i got a rather high pain treshold) is that i nearly split my sides lauthing.. ) and curse whilst rubbing my sore knee.. 
so it's back to square one with to knee.. *sigh* and always just when things started to inproved really well. the swelling went down and so did the soreness... well now it's back and they brought there friends along for the ride..  hope i wil recover soon.
even so i was gonna use the weekend to relax anywayz, so the more rest i give my knee the beter. so what to do when one is somewhat less nimble on the old legs? 
yup, just drag your ass to a café, get a drink sit outside (weather premitting) and watch the world go by... 
then drag your ass back home and watch some really really bizarre and strange movies for japan and after that watch a couple of live dvd's... like "Many MERRY Days" by MERRY (GARA is my number two favo singer from the little'o'island of tha rissing sun.. TATSUROU takes the numbero uno position.) or the last indies tour dvd SHAMBARA TO THE CORE act 1 (also by) MERRY or the YAMATO The Drummers Of Japan dvd (aha! a link to the big drums mention in the title of this here scribble) or watch some animé (i'm HUGELY behind on the things i still need watching...) i just started watching SAIYUKI. a tip given to me by

but, hotdamn! 50 episodes!!! there goes me spare time..
anywayz whatever happens this weekend happens this weekend... 
back to the Big Drums!
so last sunday (the first of april. NO! it's no joke! hahahaha) i saw YAMATO for the second time together with my Mother, her nextdoorneighbor (the MIGHTY Geert!!!) and teh NOESS 
go check her take on things in her journal -----> _silentpain_
i (tried too) pick(ed) up NOESS at her place round the clock'o'half-past-three.... as luck would have it NOESS was nearly ready to rumble so the wait to finally get going was....  well, let's just say that i tolded her that next time we would just leave and not wait to do "stuff"..
so after we got going (i had to fill the subaru up on some gas) we moved like a rampaging juggernaut across the streets and roads of the north of holland.. leaving slowpokes and other things not going as fast as the big red machine of dooooom in the dust!!!
we even did some sightseeing stuff (we drove throught EXLOO) after witch we drove rallystyle out of drente in to groningen and slammed into the little city of STADSKANAAL where my mother (and also my brother and his wife and kids) life.
we spent what was left of the afternoon talking to my mother. after that it was dinnertime.  my mother made a spinach over dish!!!! 
great stuff!!! and tasty toooooo!!! after that we left for GRONINGEN (city) and the OOSTERPOORT.
after we finally got there it was showtime!!!
simply put, it was once again simply AMAZING to see!!!
just wonderful! as it was the second time i tried to look for things in missed the first time round... well, let my tell ya! the first time round we sat first row and that was amazing cos we were close enought to touch the guyz and girlz playing... so every time they came towards the egde of the stage to play, dance, bow or whatever they were really in youre face so close. and kinda put you right in the middle of the action and as it turns out kinda narrows your field of vision (like sitting in the cinema on the first row.. you have to look around to see whats happening..) so this time we sat on the balcony to the right of the stage.... looking down on the stage every thing looks different. and you see things happen that you missed cos now you see the whole of the stage... it's not as up close and personal as front row but you see tons more. that said, the way the chairs were placed i would never ever sit front row a second time over.. WHY? not enought space!! chairs were just to tightly packed together... and with my kne being all swollen and hurting i would have never ever made it.. so off the the balcony for a wide look on things!!
now my knee came as sort of a mixed blessing.
cos the OOSTERPOORT has NO stagecurtains (bit strange that..), everybody was asked to leave the hall during the break so that the stagecrew could do there thing and rebuild the stage and the band could move all the instruments without everybody watching them do it.
so everybody got kicked out (well asked to leave anyways) i just stayed put. so when they checked the hall for straglers they found me... hehehe!
it was one of the japanese crewmembers (the guy that did the light and also was filming) that found me (sitting in the dark.. not a really save hiddingplace iff the lightguy is looking around for people. ha ha ha) and he first asked me iff i was crew or audience.. i told him audience, so he asked me to leave. i told him bout me knee and that iff it was posible i could just stay where i was..
he then told me it could stay.. he also told me to hide a bit so that the rest of the stagecrew didn't see me and then put his hands together (like you do when you pray) and he bowed!!! 0__o that was a first! never had a crewmember bow to me.. ever...
so i thanked him and bowed back.
offcourse i got spotted by one of the other (this time dutch) stagehands who asked me to leave, so i strated to explain why i was still sitting were i was when the japanese dude shouted :" HE'S ALLRIGHT!" that being good enought for her (yeah, she was a she all right!) she told me to enjoy the breaktimeshow! cos it was not really something you get to see. having been a roady myself it's always cool to see these guys work. maybe that's why i like MÖTÖRHEAD's WE ARE THE ROADCREW song so much.. cos have the bands you see woudn't be able to play without these guys!
even more fun was seeing the guys and girlz in the band doing there thing. moving the drums and putting things right. all the while the bandleader was shouting instructions and the rest just kept shouting back "hai!".. it was fun to see. less fun was that people kept coming back into the hall and were send back out again. some people even refused  to leave or close the doors behind them. so one or two stagehands coudn't do their work cos they needed to keep telling people to leave the hall.. at some point i even found it quiet irritating when people came in.. it was just distracting people from the flow of work...
when things where finally all set up they let teh people back in and we could the second part of the show..
great stuff! it was over before you knew it.. so once again we clapped till our hands were sore..
they came back for the encore.... sugoi!!!
and we clapped even more!  and more and more and... fokking amazing stuff!!
so NOESS and me (like a shot) went of the the merchstand again (the guy behind it already started to recognize us cos he was the same guy that sold us stuff in Enschede.. it also helped that we bought some taiko-sticks before the show). we talked to the merchguy and then we went to get teh car(s), my mother having enjoyed it to the maxxx left for home with the Geert. while NOESS and me thundered home throught drenthe and overijssel to get home.... a day wel spent!!!
but what to do this weekend?
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the SUKEBE BROTHERHOOD (NOESS, ANTONIA, KIRSTEN and some fat bloke!) ZOMBI (Navi Z) and J on tour in germania!!


finally i got to see one of my favorite bands (MUCC) and they didn't disappoint for a second, not even a milisecond!!
BALZAC ruled too. good solid show!
(the bands) WERE HAVING A GREAT TIME TOO!!! really cool to see that a band (in this case two off em) are having a blast playing their stuff...
their was only one little fuck up that night and that was me twisting my knee (again) in the pit (a real honest-to-god pit!!)! 
the little fokker is not so little anymore and is a bit swollen (but i've seen worst... way worst..)
so the rest of my week of i will be spending with my knee in a elevated position. hoping the swelling and the pain subsides before sunday.. cos i'm taking my mother to see YAMATO on sunday (my partner in MUCC Noess wil also be tacking along. as wil my mother's next door neighbor)
but that's still a couple'o'dayz away.. hope my knee is okay than..
back to the gig...
first thing:
the audience.. YES! COOL FOLK! no fucking screaming-my-lungs-out-don't-know-the-songs-don't-know-the-band-but-i-luv-em-cos-they-are-from-japan-don't-know-how-the-act-at-a-gig-and-why-are-you-standing-in-my-air-fucking-fangrrrlz-and-boyzz (wel there were a few.. but just a few)!!!!
and secondly:
and there was a PIT!!! people were dancing and enjoying them selfes in the way they wanted without being hassled by FUCKERS who don't understand what or why your doing what your doing. and FUCK HELL! YES!! it's been so long that i can hardly remember it.. FEMALES!! IT THE PIT!!!! all hail any woman who jumps into the pit and with a smile on her face tries to plow me under!!!! and there were several who were trying just that... al 1.60 high weighing in round 60 kilo trying to kick my 1.95 high 120 kilo or so weighing ass (or good friend ZOMBIE's ass! and he's even bigger than me.. and was wearing a BALOON PENIS on his head!! hahahaha, the baloonguy was standing in front of a kaufhalle and had just finished a giraffe or something when some MADMAN from holland asked him for a baloon PENIS! he did it no probs!! so all the people who think germans have no sense of humor are ignorant asses!!!)all over the fucking dancefloor.. w0000t!! till i fell and twisted my knee (NEW ROCK bootz are not what ya call ideal for dancing or moshing.. hehehe)
then the place:
is a great concert hal! period! really no matter where you stood you could see the stage (kinda like TIVOLI in utrecht)! the sound was excellent. and the staff was cool too. i would at this point like to thank the first aid guy (DER SANI!!!!) for not only putting a pressure bandage on my knee (i've been getting a lot of those lately. hahaha) but also for doing it back stage.. next to the shower!! (i believe it was) the drummer from BALZAC (Takayuki) when he got out of the shower to stumble into my limping form, must have been thinking "WTF, can't even take a fucking shower in peace!!". hahahaha.
the town:
KÖLN is a beautiful city!! but a ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to drive around in!!! we drove down there no problems (apart from lack of gasstations.. my co-pilot and navigator ZOMBI needed beer.. yeah! who needs a tomtom iff you got a NAVI Z and a NOESS in the back? we get's where we's going no probz!) but after we hit the citylimits it all turned pearshaped! we needed to go to the trainstation to pick up the ever cheerfull fourth (or second or thirth or first?) member of the SUKEBE BROTHERHOOD (heeee! there's that group again!) ANTONIA! but ya think we could find it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! we kept going in friggin' circels!! pass the zoo over the bridge, make a turn loose all sence of direction make a nothet (stupid) turn over a nother bridge back to the zoo.... ARG!!! so finally we just parked near teh DOM and ANTONIA would meet us in front of the DOM..... at that point we were so far gone we didn't even know witch side of the DOM was the front!!! kewl! after ANTONIA found us (wondering around like lost babes in the woods.. well, not really.. but it sound nice and dramatic don't it?)  after that we walked around the centre of KÖLN for a bit, visited a sexshop (offcourse...) ate at macdonalds (i'm NOT loving it!) and walked to GLORIA for the gig..
the walk back to the car was murder for me coss of my knee... and after driving for a couple of hours my leg and knee were completely stiff and hurting like a motherfokker.. so when i hit the hay round 4.30 i had a fokking hell of a time trying to find a position were my leg did not feel like it was slowly being torn from my body.. as you can imagine i didn't sleep much.. the fact that round 10 o'clock somebode rang my doorbel didn't help me niether (i just got my leg into a comfi position) and gues who? idd the mailman!! with a package.. but not for me!!! JOY!!
but apart for the knee.. a fucking great evening in KÖLN!! hope MUCC comes back to europe SOON (not like they left already or something) and THEN also visits HOLLAND too (holland home of the fucked up fangrrrlz!!! i'm sorry to say)..
oh yeah. the merch.
a MUCC tourpamphlet/picturebook DVLSYRS SIXNINEDAYS (really fokking cool pic book!!!)
MUCC single SAISHUU RESSHA (bit strange this one.. it's the japanese edition it seems (made in japan) but with translations in german in the booklet.. strrrange ne?)
two shirts (tour shirt MUCC/BALZAC and a BALZAC shirt both XL.. hope they fit!!)
BALZAC gloves + a sweatband + a armband (i'm a sucker for those kinds of things..)
BALZAC's last cd (PARANOID DREAM OF THE ZODIAC) they sure have something with the ZODIAC killer... best song bout thIS, still a large, american serialkiller is and i think wil always remain MACABRE's ZODIAC from the album SINISTER SLAUGHTER.


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(no subject)

so i was thinking... yeah i do do that on occasion... i can even still do it after the whole "falling off my bike and using my head to break the fall" episode a while back.. anywayz, so i was thinking.. Why? why'owhy do cars Always break down when you need them most? or iff your a somewhat lucky git like me, a couple'o'days before you really really need that (not so) trusty tin can to take you and 4 other from you backwater shithole mindnumbingly dull town (also know as(s) ALMELO....) to the bright lights, big city of 
KÖLN... (TO SEE MUCC!!!!!)
BUT! thanx my lucky KAMI for people who know thier shit (and got it wired!) all hail DAVE! for reparing my car.. by just looking at it and wiggeling some wires and PRESTO!!! the good old subaru was purring like a kitten! so we is back in the game!
as for the other thing i wanted to report.. it's about the new DIRU album the MARROW of a BONE...

congratz DIRU for making a album i wil probable one day sell on EBAY for 2 cents or so!!! 
(or off course a shitload of munny iff i sell it to some braindead fan or an American*! hahahahahaha!)
so what wrong with it? well, it said DIR EN GREY on the cd right? so why do i hear a rather lame ass wannabe metal core thing bleeding from my  speakers? iff it wanted to hear metal i would have put on FEAR FACTORY's ARCHETYPE or anything from SEX MACHINEGUNS (or a zillion other bands who do that shit a million times better than DIR EN GREY will ever can)... so i tore the cd out of my player and put it on the stack labeled "sort out next millennium" maybe it wil come down from there after teh next release of the band.. or maybe not... the next release i will just download and after repeated listeningsessions may or may not buy.. the stack is big enough as is, don't really need more.. dig?
(btw this was not the first time i tried to to listen to the album.. bout the seventh time or so....  and i'm not an "OLD FAN" and i'm not against change in the musical style of a band, it's just that i don't like the new songs.. they miss something.. a good word would be they miss "SPARK" or "SOUL"... fuck! bands like COMBICHRIST or AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED have more soul and emotion than DIRU's last release.. YEAH, and that includes the UNPLUGGED bonusdisk... )
sooooo what to put into the player after that?  well, i just put the album that was in there before the DIRU session back in.. that being the last album from MUCC... and after i listened to that i will put in FF's ARCHRTYPE.. to wash away the bad taste... euh no, the lack off taste of the last DIRU album...


or go for the FFT OST?!?!? oh boy choices choices choices..
one more drop of blood i spill
one more drop you take
one more drop and i will spite
and bite the hand that bleeds 
bite the hand that bleeds you!
*and no, i HAVE nothing against most americans, most off the ones i meet in my time were okay people or GREAT people (some after we explained that the world is a tad bit different then most of them think and that, yes, we do ride bicycles here to get around and not just to pull one over some american tourists (true story this!!!) and that BUSH really is a ASSHOLE cos he started a war for OIL.)

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